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Weather station data acquisition and release system
Published: 2014-12-30 15:30:06
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Vaisala weather station data acquisition and discovery system, dedicated to the acquisition, reception and display of Vaisala weather acquisition equipment data. The system is divided into two parts: the server and the client, which can realize the network sharing data of each weather station. This document provides a detailed description of the installation and use of the system software.


This version is the network port communication version 2.0. Divided into two parts: server and client:

● The server must have a client to use, and the application is NetServer.
● The client can be used alone or in combination with the server version. The application is NetClient.

    Environmental requirements

    The software runs on the application server.

    ● The application server requirements are 32 -bit windows system (windows8/7/XP, etc.);
    ● The application server where the client resides should be able to receive the M 14 data sent by the lower Vaisala weather acquisition device through the Ethernet port.
    ● The application server where the server is located should be able to receive the weather data packets forwarded by the client through the Ethernet interface.
    ● The application server should be equipped with Excel software to facilitate data export, viewing, statistics and output.

      Main function of the software

      The main functions of this software are:

      ● Data collection: Receives the meteorological data of the lower device or client through the Ethernet port.
      ● Data analysis: It can analyze the M14 format data packets actively sent by Vaisala weather acquisition equipment;
      ● Data capture: The relevant data can be retrieved from the Internet as required;
      ● Data forwarding: The client version can forward data to the specified server.
      ● Data display: The analyzed weather data can be displayed on the interface in Chinese;
      ● Data display: The analyzed weather data can be graphically displayed on the external display device;
      ● Data release: The analyzed weather data can be released through the LED screen;
      ● Data saving: The analyzed weather data can be saved locally in the file mode, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to view statistics.