Road weather monitoring system
Road traffic weather information system
Release time: 2014-12-30 13:47:08
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Road meteorological tests mainly monitor the deterioration of road environmental quality caused by rain, snow, fog, dust and natural disasters. The test content mainly includes wind speed, wind direction, visibility, precipitation, ambient temperature and humidity, and road surface conditions. It is of great significance to detect the adverse factors that may be caused by climate change due to climate change, and to prevent the occurrence of traffic events. The automatic weather system provided by Vaisala Finland is suitable for highways, urban roads and airport runways, and provides the monitoring and management with all necessary road weather information: wind speed/wind direction, visibility, current weather phenomena, precipitation/snowfall, Atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, road surface conditions, etc. Management can use these road weather information to alert the public; make decisions to open or close the road; or perform snow removal and deicing on the road.

basic skills

探测大气的能见度 Detecting the visibility of the atmosphere
探测大气的天气类型 Detecting weather patterns in the atmosphere
探测地面温度 Detect ground temperature
探测地面湿滑系数 Detect ground slip coefficient
探测地面覆盖物厚度 Detect ground cover thickness
探测降水强度 Detecting precipitation intensity
探测风速、风向 Detect wind speed, wind direction

System highlights

取现场照片功能 Take the live photo function
自动抓取照片 Automatically capture photos
手动抓取照片 Manually grab photos
建议车速功能 Recommended speed function
能见度与车速 Visibility and speed
湿滑系数与车速 Wet slip coefficient and speed
道路最高限速 Maximum speed limit on the road
综合建议车速与行车建议 Comprehensive recommended speed and driving recommendations