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Published: 2014-12-29 13:40:19
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Product introduction

SLKCAM series IP camera (IP Camera) is a new generation camera based on traditional analog camera and network technology. It is an embedded monitoring device that realizes digital and network processing of video surveillance system. The product is designed based on H.264 compression standard, with hardware synchronous compression function of video signal and audio signal. It adopts embedded real-time multi-tasking operating system and embedded CPU processor. The system scheduling efficiency is high, and the code is solidified in FLASH, making the system The operation is more stable and reliable. The compressed code stream is transmitted through the network, and real-time video monitoring and audio monitoring can be performed through the network, thereby helping the user to realize the requirement of remote video monitoring.

SLKCAM series network camera provides users with best performance in various network video solutions with its excellent image transmission effect, extremely low network resource occupation, excellent product performance planning, automated product processing and production, and high cost performance. select.

This series of products is qualified products for the inspection of the product quality inspection center of the Ministry of Public Security.


Basic features

  • Video function : H.264 video compression algorithm, low network bandwidth, 200Kbps target rate can transmit real-time images with CIF resolution. The dual stream design allows for high-definition recording of the front end while viewing live images remotely.
  • Audio function : It adopts G.711 audio compression algorithm to support real-time transmission of two-way and duplex voice intercom.
  • Infrared function : Support infrared function.
  • Outdoor installation : Meets IP67 waterproof performance standards.
  • Transmission function : Provides independent hardware compression of 25 frames/channel/second. Support variable frame rate, variable code rate.
  • Resolution : D1, HD1, CIF, QCIF.
  • Network function : Supports TCP/IP, ARP, HTTP, SMTP, RTP, DHCP, PPPoE and other transmission protocols, and supports automatic dialing.
  • Dynamic domain name resolution : Support DDNS dynamic domain name resolution.
  • PTZ control : support PTZ, decoder control.
  • Alarm function : alarm input signal, image loss, motion detection alarm, image occlusion, alarm linkage output, network linkage output and other alarm functions.
  • Management software : Built-in management of 100-way image hardcover management software.
  • Management platform : Support management platform software, can be used to set up a large video surveillance system.
  • Lightning protection : All interfaces come with lightning protection design.
  • Remote management : support remote setting, restart and upgrade of devices to achieve remote maintenance; network interruption automatically connects.
  • Accessibility : Support image date and time, name display; support watermark (WATERMARK) technology.
  • Mobile phone viewing : support mobile phone viewing (requires software support).
  • SDK development : Provide an open SDK for users to develop on their own.
  • Programmable module : Built-in programmable system module, which can interface with major network video management platforms through interface protocol.

Technical Parameters





ARM 9 , 32 bit RISC





The internet

1 RJ45 network port, 100Base-Tx, 10/100M adaptive

Terminal storage

SD card storage interface


1 way half duplex

Working power

DC12V/2A ±10%

Power consumption


Operating temperature


Atmospheric pressure

86kPa-106 kPa


214mm*78mm*78mm (length * width * height)




Network communication protocol

Protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, ARP, ICMP, FTP, PPPoE, DHCP, DDNS (H*V)

Image Resolution

PAL: 704x576, 352x576, 352x288, 176x144

NTSC: 704x480, 360x480, 352x240, 176x120


Video adjustment

Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue

Image snapshot

stand by

Full screen monitoring

stand by

Compression format

H.264 Main Profile @ Level 3 Codec

H.264 BaseLine @ Level 3 codec

JPEG/MJPEG Baseline codec

Image compression


Frame rate

PAL: 25 frames NTSC: 30 frames

Code stream type

Composite flow

Compressed bit rate


Displacement detection

stand by

Occlusion alarm

stand by

Event triggered action

Capture, video


password protection

System Upgrade

Online network update available

Synchronous connection

stand by


stand by

Terminal storage management

Video trigger

Motion detection, alarm detection

Video playback

stand by

Document management

Support file storage, playback, deletion


Sensor device




Horizontal Resolution

420TVL or 480TVL or 520TVL

Minimum illumination

F1.2, color 0.1LUX (infrared on)

Signal to noise ratio



4mm-8mm variety of lens options

Night vision (optional)

Infrared wavelength


Infrared distance

40 meters (the environment will be different)

Infrared fill light

When the infrared light is turned on, the minimum illumination is 0 Lux, and when the ambient light is lower than 10Lux, the night vision function of the camera can function in time, and the image automatically changes from color to black and white to enhance image clarity.