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Spherical network camera
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The outdoor infrared intelligent high-speed spherical network camera is a network video surveillance product independently developed by Beijing Speed Link Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. This product adopts many latest technologies in the IT field, such as H.264 video and audio compression technology and three-dimensional positioning amplification technology. , telephoto speed limit technology, TCP / IP network technology and embedded technology, its code is solidified in FLASH, stable and reliable operation. Support 3G network or high power WIFI transmission.

The outdoor infrared intelligent high-speed spherical network camera provides users with real-time and clear images, realizes remote network management and control, and is widely used in public security, urban management, transportation, finance, government, telecommunications, environmental protection and other fields.



Functional characteristics

◆ Support 3G or WIFI transmission;

◆ High-strength alloy aluminum integral die-casting shell, internal full metal structure;

◆ Multi-functional protective cover adopts double-layer sunshade and heat insulation design, which is resistant to impact and corrosion, and the protection level reaches Ip66;

◆ All-weather environment design, can quickly capture the target in the dark without lighting, night vision distance is more than 120 meters;

◆ Chinese screen menu display;

◆ Three-dimensional positioning and zooming;

◆ Temperature, coordinates, time display;

◆ Soft address, soft protocol, soft baud rate, automatic identification of the protocol;

◆ Built-in surge and lightning protection device, heat dissipation and temperature control device;

◆ Telephoto speed limit, the speed of the ball machine slows down as the zoom of the camera increases;

◆ High-quality stepping motor, differential drive, stable operation, no jitter, no noise;

◆ Horizontal 360-degree continuous rotation, the highest speed is 180°/sec, vertical -2° to 93°, 180° auto-flip, or 0°-180° optional, the highest speed is 180°/sec;

◆ 256 preset positions can be set, the preset accuracy is less than 0.05°;

◆ Adopt H.264 video compression technology;

◆ Support dynamic setting of video parameters;

◆ Support watermark (WATER-MARK) technology;

◆ Support multiple resolutions, including D1, Half-D1, CIF and other resolutions;

◆ Support date and time, superimposed display of names;

◆ Motion detection alarm detection, support for occlusion alarm detection;

◆ Alarm handling of other abnormal events (such as video loss, occlusion, storage exceptions, etc.);

◆ Support TCP/IP protocol family;

◆ Support dynamic IP address allocation (DHCP);

◆ Support PPPoE protocol;

◆ Remote upgrade through network to achieve remote maintenance;

◆ With WEB server function, it can be accessed through the browser;

technical parameter




Sensor device

CCD sensor



Minimum illumination

F1.2, color 0.1LUX (infrared on)

Signal to noise ratio



f=3.9(wide)~89.7mm(tele) 26 times

Effective Pixels

About 440,000 pixels (752*582)

Horizontal Resolution

540TVL optional higher line

White balance

Auto/Auto Tracking White Balance (ATW) / Indoor / Outdoor / Manual

Electronic shutter

PAL: 1/50-1/10000 seconds



Day and night mode

Filter color to black

Privacy mask

stand by

Ball machine

Rotation range

Horizontal 360 degree continuous rotation, the maximum speed of 180 ° / sec

Vertical -2° to 93°, 180° automatic flip, or 0°-180° optional, maximum speed 180°/sec


255, preset accuracy less than 0.05°

Automatic mode

Preset point / auto cruise / auto tour / automatic line sweep

Automatic cruise

6 bars, each set can set 18 preset points, the preset point dwell time can be adjusted

Automatic patrol

4 pattern scans, each record can be 5~500 minutes

Three-dimensional positioning

stand by

Telephoto speed limit

stand by

Automatic flip

stand by

the message says

Time, bearing, temperature, coordinates, alarms, etc.

Power failure memory

Automatically return to the PTZ and lens status before power off after power-on

Watch function

When the dome machine does not receive the control command within the set time, it automatically runs the preset action: preset point/automatic cruise/automatic patrol/automatic line sweep

Timed start

The following functions can be automatically activated at a preset time: preset point / auto cruise / auto patrol / automatic line sweep


Automatic / near light / far light / off distance greater than 120 meters

Compression standard

Video compression standard


Audio compression standard



Network communication protocol


Image resolution (H*V)

PAL: D1 (704 × 576), HD1 (704 × 288), CIF (352 * 288)

Image compression


Frame rate

PAL: 1~25 frames NTSC: 1~30 frames

Code stream type

Composite flow


Alarm input

2 way

Alarm Output

1 way

Storage interface

SD card interface

Wired network interface

1 RJ45, 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface

wireless network

High-power WIFI, transmission distance of 1 km or 3G network


Operating temperature


Working humidity


Atmospheric pressure

86kPa-106 kPa

Working power

DC12V ±10%

Power consumption

<12W\60w (heated infrared on)

Size (mm)

525 × 325 × 340 (length * width * height)

Protection level

IP66, 4000V lightning protection, surge protection and surge protection

Weight (kg)