Intelligent monitoring cabinet (landing)
Outdoor intelligent cabinet T-NET-AL01
Published: 2014-12-26 15:50:40
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T-NET-AL01 outdoor intelligent cabinet is a high-end open-structure outdoor intelligent cabinet product with independent intellectual property rights. The cabinet is of excellent material selection, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for harsh field working environment and has powerful dynamic environment monitoring. System, intelligent access control management system, primary and backup communication processing system.

The main cabinet body of the intelligent integrated control cabinet is made of 3.0mm thick LF2 type aluminum alloy plate. The cabinet consists of main equipment box, power distribution side box, wiring side box, bottom box (cable box) and rainproof top cover.

IDMON-1100 is used as the master device to connect to the independent sensors inside the cabinet to implement intelligent monitoring of the whole cabinet. The cabinet has internal environment, power supply, access control and other systems. The voltage and current status of the input power to the cabinet are open and closed. / Lower temperature; internal humidity of the cabinet; internal vibration state of the cabinet; electronic smoke status inside the cabinet; internal flooding status of the cabinet; access control system; electronic lock control system; door/lock switch status; exhaust cooling system and other subsystems for monitoring And control.

At the same time, IDMON-1100 has built-in high-performance router, which can realize the communication quality and fault monitoring of the main/standby communication channel (optical transmission, wireless transmission), and automatically switch the monitoring data and key service data transmission channels.

T-NET-AL01 outdoor intelligent cabinet schematic


* Dimensions: 1800mm (height) × 963mm (width) × 600mm (thickness)

Brief description of internal structure


Industrial intelligent monitoring unit IDMON-1100

The IDMON-1100 intelligent control unit is designed by Beijing Speed Link Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the needs of intelligent transportation development. The equipment has powerful communication interface function, and comes with 3G wireless router to provide wireless. Alternate communication channel (built-in TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, EVDO according to user needs); built-in 4-port LAN switch for user-on-site operation; 4 local asynchronous serial interfaces for connection to user monitoring or service equipment; local USB2. 0 HOST interface, connect USB camera to take photos of live work;

The intelligent monitoring unit is intelligently monitored and controlled by the IDMON-1100 main controller in conjunction with various sensors.

As an important part of the T-NET-AL01 outdoor intelligent cabinet, the IDMON-1100 intelligent monitoring device and related detection sensors are intelligent devices for general-purpose cabinet power environment monitoring, access control management and communication processing, which can be adapted to the machine room cabinet system. And field cabinet systems.


Provide intelligent cabinet monitoring interface card, provide 5 access control interface, 5 switch door detection interface, 4 open detection interface, 1 channel fan control interface, 1 channel temperature interface (built-in 1 channel temperature, 1 channel humidity detector) , 1 channel smoke detection interface, 1 channel water immersion detection interface, 1 channel vibration detection interface.

Support local and remote management functions, use the local configuration of IDMON-1100 management software compatible with Windows platform, access control red/black list, read history record; set collection period, alarm threshold;