Industrial grade wireless router
SLK-301 wireless router
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SLK series wireless routers are advanced and reliable industrial-grade communication devices using a common base platform and embedded operating system. It can meet the transmission requirements of intermittent, bursty and frequent large data volumes. Products are widely used in data communications in transportation, finance, securities, postal and other industries as well as corporate branches.

Design dual-card dual-network dual-standby function for high-security business mode, support 2.5G\3G\4G multiple working modes, and automatically switch to another network when a network fails.

Power-off alarm function: Provides the backup battery power supply unit with the user-specified capacity. The device automatically detects the utility power status. When the utility power is lost, it automatically sends alarm information to the designated central platform, prompting the front-end system to lose power.

Provide 4 local area network interfaces to reduce faults. ☆ Provide a local WAN interface, support LAN to WAN data forwarding protocol analysis, data transmission statistics.

Local 5 asynchronous serial interfaces, support RS232 and RS485 interfaces, and provide 4 serial server interfaces.

Provide local USB camera picture shooting function, which can monitor the status of the lower device in real time.

Industrial grade operating temperature: -25 ° C to +70 ° C.


★ Equipment function

◇ 2.5G\3G\4G network support is optional
◇ 4 RS232 interfaces, 1 RS485 interface
◇ Configure interface: serial port configuration, Telnet configuration
日志 Log function: the system automatically records the running status
◇ Running status indication: LED shows running status
复位 Reset function: Factory reset via external Reset button/software
以太网 Ethernet interface: local 5 10/100M Ethernet interfaces, support 10/100M half/full duplex Ethernet working mode
◇ Support VPDN service ◇ Hardware watchdog function: support hardware watchdog function
基站 Base station clock function: synchronized to CDMA base station clock

★ Interface specifications

天线 Antenna interface: 50Ω/SMA
异步 Asynchronous serial interface: RS232, rate: 96000/19200/38400/57600/115200/230400 bps
以太网 Ethernet interface: Interface type: RJ45 Communication rate: 10/100M adaptive working mode: half duplex / full duplex

★ Power supply specifications

电压 Voltage: AC and DC, AC 220V±20%, 50Hz, DC 12V, DC 24V optional
◇ Working current: Standby: DC 12V is less than 100mA, communication: DC 12V is less than 350mA

★ External environment

◇ Working environment temperature: industrial grade: -25 ~ +70 °C
相对 Relative temperature: 95% (no condensation)