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Outdoor intelligent cabinet monitoring system
Release time: 2014-09-23 16:55:23
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T-NET-AL01 outdoor intelligent cabinet is an intelligent transportation special field cabinet equipment developed by our company for many years of experience in intelligent traffic engineering construction and maintenance, combined with various business needs. This equipment not only meets the physical characteristics of traditional equipment to cabinets. Moreover, the intelligent monitoring function is added, and the independent cabinet equipment is incorporated into the architecture of the intelligent management platform, and all states of the external field equipment are monitored and alarmed by the intelligent control technology, which fully conforms to the development direction of the Internet of Things.

Provides a highly reliable communication route backup mode, and the active and standby communication channels adopt a heterogeneous architecture of wired communication and wireless communication. When the transmission channel fails, the system automatically switches to ensure reliable transmission of critical service data and cabinet monitoring data. At the same time, it provides communication failure or power failure alarm, classifies faults, effectively reduces maintenance time limit, and improves system availability.


The outdoor intelligent monitoring cabinet has intelligent monitoring function. By monitoring the working state of the cabinet, it can have the following advantages during system operation:

1. Improve system reliability

Intelligent monitoring of the operation status of the power distribution system, exhaust air cooling system and intelligent access control system in the cabinet. Through the analysis and processing of real-time data, it fully reflects the operation status of the equipment and the system, which helps the system to operate stably and reliably. .  

2. Provide timeliness for maintenance of TV monitoring and detection system

The intelligent monitoring of the cabinet can perform real-time status monitoring, fault warning and classification, and provide real technical data for equipment maintenance, which helps to improve the maintenance timeliness of the traffic TV monitoring system, promote scientific maintenance management methods, improve maintenance efficiency, and reduce maintenance. cost.

3. Technology means to extend the service life of equipment

The use of intelligent monitoring means to identify hidden dangers in time and adjust equipment operating parameters can extend the service life of the equipment.

4. Statistical analysis of post-data, continuous improvement of maintenance level

Intelligent monitoring of outdoor cabinets, through the scientific processing and analysis of monitoring data, can accurately and qualitatively evaluate the quality of equipment and system work, and obtain accurate analysis results. Especially during the security of the Beijing two sessions or other major events, the security of the cabinet and internal equipment is closely monitored through the intelligent access control monitoring system.