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Beijing Speed Link Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is an ISO9000 quality system certification unit. During the project implementation process, there is a complete set of technical management system as quality assurance. The company provides technical support and services to the owners and end users on systems, equipment and management.

1) Specialized consulting services: There are professional engineers who are responsible for answering technical questions raised by users. Technical services are documented and documented.

2) Instruct field service personnel, technical support for service work; on-site service to solve various technical problems encountered in on-site service.

3) Assist users in formulating a practical operation management system according to user requirements.

4) Adopt advanced communication technology to improve communication speed.

5) Based on the principle of all for the user, all technical support personnel will start the phone 24 hours a day and respond to the user's request at any time.

6) Summarize the lessons learned from the historical project, and make the technical preparations sufficient and the commissioning inspection passed.

7) Technical human resources guarantee. Technical support personnel are stationed at the center of the site to solve on-site technical problems and improve work efficiency.

8) Set up a technical support hotline:

9) Other technical services promised by our company.